On the Ground & Moving Forward

Greetings, Good People, on thisNovember 11, 2012I do hope you are all well and warm and ready for winter, yet again.  Get out the longies, mittens, wool socks, hats, and enjoy life since we have survived thus far.

                                    ON THE GROUND & MOVING FORWARD

Forgive my use of these trite phrases just this once; promise I won’t use them again.

Here, to set you up for the day, are eight of the world’s most poisonous creatures.  None is a human, although we could argue that by spewing pesticides, industrial chemicals, nuclear radiation, killing people who haven’t harmed or even threatened us, as well as way over-populating this old Earth, we’re the most poisonous.  However, I’ll let you decide.  


I would also recommend you subscribe to Dr. Mercola’s website (above) for good health information.  He’s always right on target according to my readings and practices of many years.

Mercola is on the frontlines of the struggle to get Monsanto, et al to label foods that contain transgenic genes, includingDNAfrom bacteria, pesticides, and antibiotics.  Wouldn’t you like to know what you’re eating? 

ON THE GROUND – Elections are finally over and we can work at being civil once again to those with whom we disagreed so strenuously during this long, long election cycle. 

Huge mounds of hatred were spread about by the Radical Right-Wing, falsely called “conservative,” which has quite a different and positive meaning. 

Some of the rantings were genuine political differences, but the worst were clearly racially motivated.  A portion of the population, mostly uneducated, but not all (see Bill O’Reilly’s and Rush Limbaugh’s responses – ugh!) of older, white males really, truly, absolutely cannot imagine how a black man got into the White House and why he’s still there. 

These older, white males cannot imagine that they, alone, aren’t still in power and controlling everyone and everything.  I don’t know that they ever will get it or get over it.  But they lost, and that has puzzled them. 

Here’s the big clue for them:  American voters – white (particularly women), black, Hispanic (of whom there are more every day) – were disgusted by the negative energy, hate e-mails and lies about Obama, insults and name-calling aimed at those of us who actually care about the well-being of regular people,  and their rich, spoiled, never-had-to-make-a-living candidate, Willard “Mitt” Romney. 

Mind you, Obama isn’t a whole lot better politically, but he was at least seen as more caring about regular people.  Also, the ugly and untruthful attacks on Obama swayed many to vote for him out of disgust for the Radical Right-Wing’s mean, nasty campaign.   

Karl Rove was the primary architect of that awful campaign.  He was still in denial that they’d lost right up to the last minute.  Check out Fox News’ interview with him the evening of the election.  He just couldn’t say it.

Obama’s margin of victory would have been even greater if millions had not been otherwise occupied with surviving Hurricane Sandy.  

Speaking of Sandy– hundreds of thousands are still without electricity in NJ and NY, and the temperature has been below freezing for several nights, along with snow in some areas.  Well over 100 people have died fromSandywith thousands more still in harm’s way. 

 Lots of misery continues as FEMA, although better than with Katrina, has once again proven unable to handle the massive job of disaster alleviation.  Local groups have been out in the streets helping people and handing out supplies since the storm hit. 

The National Guard, when they arrived on hard-hit areas of Long Island, NY, gave their supplies to the NY Occupy people since the Guard saw that the Occupy group was quite efficient and effective at getting needed blankets, food, and shelter to storm victims. 

 MOVING FORWARD –New York’s Mayor Bloomberg, not a Democrat, endorsed President Obama because, as Bloomberg said, “He understands climate change and is more likely to do something about it.”  Even though, I might add, he’s done little so far. 

However,Sandy did manage to blunt the Deniers’ (funded by oil and coal companies) arguments that climate change isn’t real, or that it isn’t caused by humans. 

There is NO QUESTION that we have to back off burning coal, oil, and their derivatives (natural gas, etc.) and begin working with Nature, instead of constantly trying to conquer the natural world. 

If we do not act NOW, Sandy-like storms will become common with continuous misery for all Earth’s life forms – those which are not made extinct – for thousands of years.  The odds that humans could survive for long in such a world are small, indeed.   

All right, so we know this.  Now what? 

There are lots of great ideas out there for how to transition to living with fewer, if any, fossil fuels.  InEngland, there are Transition Towns which have already begun to lower or eliminate their fossil fuel usage. 

Here’s an inspiring look at what some people and towns are doing.  This publisher, Chelsea Green, is a smallishMainepublisher of very helpful books.  They’re good people.

The Transition movement is bigger inEnglandthan here, but we’d best get on board if we wish to survive anywhere near intact.


 Now I will leave you to ponder how you can stop burning fossil fuels, yet still live comfortably.  It’s absolutely possible, and until about 150 years ago, was how people lived. 

Please send me your ideas and I’ll Blog them soon.   

Here’s a small video (warning to those on dial-up) forwarded by friend Gerald O. who lives in Bangor.  It displays a way we could end the world’s trouble and strife.  Calm and comfort.  I like it.  http://www.wimp.com/stopnightmare/

 I use http://commondreams.org as my home page for daily news and commentaries from around the world.  They also supply links to major news entities from all over.  Climate, politics, people’s movements, all there.  Good information leads to good decisions. 

 Love to You All……………. – Nancy Oden, cleanearth@acadia.net  

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