Explaining Global Warming to Deniers

            Virtually everyone agrees our climate is heating up.  Hard to deny the obvious. 

          But many people still don’t believe humans had anything to do with it, because they’ve been told by fossil fuel profiteers’ spokespeople that this warming is “natural” or “cyclical” “or “caused by sun spots.”

          Here are the plain facts:

1.  Sun heats the earth.  Without that heat we wouldn’t be here. 

2.  However, since the industrial age began around 175 years ago, humans have burned huge amounts of coal, oil, and gas (fossil fuels), which has created billions of tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a by-product. 

3.  The CO2 molecules float up into the atmosphere and hang around for 100 years or more.  Because fossil fuels are being burned world-wide more than ever, these CO2 molecules have accumulated until they’ve now formed a gaseous barrier in the atmosphere around the earth.        

4.  This CO2 (and methane, et al) barrier means earth’s heat cannot get through easily to escape into outer space.        

5.  If earth’s heat cannot escape quickly enough, this gaseous barrier keeps the heat down here on earth, heating up our land, air, and now the oceans.

6,  All species have evolved within specific temperature tolerances, depending where they’re located.  When those tolerances are breached, the species, including humans, may or may not survive.  All bets are off.   

                             The Obvious Answer to Global Warming

          Stop burning fossil fuels.  Sounds simple enough.  But this will be a long, drawn-out battle:  profits for the fossil fuel industry versus continuing life on earth.  Which would you choose?

          There are cleaner options.  However, these will mean some changes in our lifestyles, and nearly everyone resists change.

                    What If We Do Nothing and Keep Burning Fossil Fuels?

          Earth, especially the oceans (fewer fish, dead coral reefs), will heat up more and more and the weather will keep getting crazier:  extreme heat, huge fires, wild storms, drought, floods, and melting of the Arctic and Greenland ice sheets will allow the oceans to creep inland, perhaps more quickly than current estimates, destroying coastal towns and cities, and also might mean colder winters from all that extremely cold fresh melt water.

          Food supplies from far away will be cut off so “grow local” will become a necessity, if the climate will still allow crops to ripen. 

          Already there are millions – yes, millions – of people throughout the world on the move to escape extreme drought or floods; food crops will no longer grow there so they have little to no food. 

          Some countries are letting a few in, others are shutting them out completely.  They’re called “climate refugees,” and, so far, they’re mostly in Africa. 

          We know we can’t let them all in here, either.  We do have to begin growing own food locally so we have enough for ourselves, and also enough to share with those in need while helping them restore their own farmlands.        

          The pace of global warming is picking up as governments dawdle.  The coal and oil corporations have bought so many politicians that little to nothing has been done to allow us to stop burning fossil fuels.    

          But doing nothing is untenable; it’s simply not an option, unless we have a mass suicide wish. 

          Wall Street is betting against us, buying up food futures in the expectation that food shortages will bring high prices so they can gouge people trying to buy enough food for their families.    

          Big corporations are buying up land and water world-wide, including in America.  They want to own and control the world’s food supply; they already control quite a bit of the food we eat now.   

          This is why I keep nagging people to grow at least some of your own food.  This is more than just a quaint notion; it can be your source of  fresh food in the coming times.    

          We must begin to act now if we want our children (yes, it’s that close) to have a reasonably livable planet on which to live.  We need to slow down and eventually stop the warming.

          The ONLY SOLUTION is to stop burning fossil fuels.  There is no way around this.  None.  It’s hard to face, but face it we must andNOW.          Some alleviation can be done, but the final answer is to stop burning fossil fuels.  How can we do this with the least amount of disruption to our lives?          

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